Some That Were Not

by Cody Duncan

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Collected tracks that were never released, for one reason or another.


released September 24, 2013




Cody Duncan Davis

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Track Name: Such Are The Times (Beta)
This life is such a short affair,
To build up something if we dare.
A veritable paradise,
Fucked in the name of merchandise.

Such are the times.

Such waste declared necessity,
To prop up an economy.
The masses all declared unclean,
To sell the smell in magazines.
And by the time we get to vote,
There's so much shit shoved down our throats.
The men we pick to represent
Will almost appear different.

But such are the times.

The screen can charge you should you blink.
That might allow a break to think.
Don't try to take a rest to breath,
It doubles if you disbelieve.
I may of course exaggerate
For fear the literal's too late.
For by the time this is all said,
Dystopia's a step ahead.
Track Name: Vilified (Demo)
That sky you begged to be the ground
Is shaking in the affect of your sound.
That sea you've beckoned from the sand
Us reaching out its grave and watery hand.
The clock seems that it's standing still,
But sand falls down now faster than it fills.
The child that you begged to be a man
Is growing up much faster than you can.

And given all the wretched raving
Masses you claim aren't worthy saving
Classes divide, gold mine's caving
In on weight of misbehaving
Numbers on your blinking screen.
You try to keep your talons clean
And give into the need for things
But it's not the life you had foreseen, no.

You never thought you'd die inside.
Have to take the suffering in stride, no.
Never thought that you'd be taking pride.
In being the you that you had vilified.

You breath and try to fight the pull.
The voice inside your head is echofull.
A little seedling from your past,
Asking how long your present course will last.

And given that those tired slaving
Children don't want your saving.
Your power wanes and your gold mine's caving
In on the weight of the world changing.
Smoke and mirrors blur and reflect and
You're fighting to ressurrect
The beast you struggled to infect
Before the powerless defected.

You thought that you'd forced them to hide.
You thought that they would take your slavery in

stride, no.
You thought that they'd be taking pride
In living under you so vilified.
Track Name: Finding Your Way Home (Beta)
And so I find I'm wasting time by design.
A million lives making eachother benign.
A single voice telling itself “you’ll be fine,”
Keeping the blinders on, to not look behind.
You've got the world on a string,
And it is stringing you along.
Now you're all strung out
The voice says, “you're fine, you are strong.”
The time is right for foresight,
Though misfortunes will be plenty.
Pain and beauty blurred in hindsight.
Comfort's twenty-twenty.

You are free.
You are alive.
The only gift you'll ever need,
Is the struggle to survive.
All together,
All alone,
The only path you'll ever walk
Is finding your way home, while learning to love the stone.
Track Name: Come to Notice (Instrumental)
Since you've been gone so long
I suppose you've changed in ways
I'll only come to notice later.

Since you've seen so much
You've only seen a world
So much worse, so much greater.

It's finally clear.
It is only fair.
I'm finally here.
You're finally there.
And what was two,
Seems to retain.
Still me and you.
Distance will remain

Always had me on a,
Little string. You're gonna
Pull apart at my
Fragile seam. You wanna
See the pieces as I
Come apart, and your
Beat increases,
Oh the beat of your heart stands out.

Not time wasted
That is too much to say.
Loving losing only human
Keeping is throwing away.

I've had this picture in my head
Of what it will be like.
But the past don't shed so easily,
And imagination doesn't bite.

Track Name: Strange World (Instrumental)
There's something in her general type of language
Hiding that slight and general bite of anguish
Trickle love eyes makes my plan very clear
Despite her fight I am staying right here

It's a strange strange world, girl
As I'm sure you know
(I'm sure you know, I'm sure you know)
We have space to play and room to grow
(Got space to play and room to grow)
Please don't make me beg
Don't make me bow
(Don't make me bow, don't make me bow)
I will make it up to you somehow
(Make it up somehow, make it up somehow)

This solipsistic lullaby
I sing myself trying to sneak by
Your wide empathic anthem's cry
Reminding me we're all alive

In mind and heart, like a machine
I try to keep head straight keep my parts clean
Need time to adjust and explain
Either I am crazy or the world's insane


Track Name: Among the Clouds of Smoke (Instrumental)
I can't imagine all the time I wasted trying to taste a little of the spice of life.
In my time sipping on bad wine thinking that it tastes fine for the price.
Found myself dreaming of the screen and it was screaming at me saying that my clothes ain't right.
From my chair pretending that I care, wishing I was out there in the light.

Among the clouds of smoke, a promise broken to our shining mother Earth.
Pay us to sit in cages, slave for wages, telling us what every day of ours is worth.

(Among the clouds of smoke)

I can remember days when I would say that everything was going to be just fine.
Those grey days calculating week's pay wondering what I will say at the end of the line.

We file papers about papers for the machine building machines to continue our crime.
That beige hell, is it ringing a bell? I suppose we may as well show up on time.

Track Name: This Time
Your heart is the hardest thing to bind.
This time we, we finally found the time.

This path is such madness,
As you'll see.
Leads me to you,
And leads you away from me.

Still we go where we go,
Pretending that we're never home.
Still together,
And all alone.

In this time, in this time together,
We will be alone.